Vampiric Domination: A Paranormal Romance Plot Outline

Vampiric Domination: A Paranormal Romance Plot Outline

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Grab this plot outline and jumpstart a paranormal romance novella that will keep your readers hooked. This plot outline is like having a roadmap. The core elements are there, waiting for your unique characters, captivating setting, and personalized twists on the path ahead.

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With this plot outline, you can ensure a well-crafted narrative, backed by the analysis of the bestsellers in paranormal romance. Wield the power to shape the storyline and catch a glimpse of the thrilling ride in store for you.

A supernatural heroine vanishes amidst the chaos, only to reappear as a prisoner. Her destiny collides with that of a vampire in a tale of forbidden love. As their attraction deepens, so does the peril they face. Will they keep the peace? Or will war break out between their kinds?
Scene 1

Ellee must pass the exam before she can infiltrate a vampiric community.

Protagonist: Ellee Haven.

Intention: To successfully pass the examination so that a vampire can claim her as a subordinate.

Complications: Ellee is surrounded by innocent prisoners, who don’t deserve their fate. She feels sympathy for them and struggles with the unfairness of their situation. The examiner notices something different about her, so she strives to hide her true nature. 

Outcome: Ellee and others are deemed suitable and instructed to get all dolled up for the auction. The unfit prisoners are taken away before a group of vampires arrives. Ellee eyes Renwick up, a handsome vampire who stands out from the others, and feels a stirring of attraction.

Scene 2

Ellee is caught in the midst of a passionate conflict.

Protagonist: Renwick Macanthos.

Intention: To assess the prisoners and decide whether to make a bid for one of them.

Complications: He’s uninterested in the process until he gets an eyeful of Ellee. A spark of attraction challenges his self-discipline and rationality. Additionally, his rival Dimitri takes an interest in Ellee and engages in a confrontational exchange with Renwick.

Outcome: Renwick makes a daring move to bid on her too. Dimitri challenges him to a fight to the death, which sets in motion a high-stakes brawl. Amidst the chaos, Elle intervenes to prevent a tragedy. She’s faced with the choice of whether to go with one of them willingly.

This is the end of the sample, but the plot outline includes more resources for your paranormal romance novella:

  • A useful synopsis
  • Six customizable characters
  • A well-structured plot
  • Sixteen scene breakdowns
  • Helpful examples and ideas

This plot outline will save you time, inspire you, and guide you to craft a bestseller. Get your copy of this plot outline today and start writing your masterpiece!

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