Wealthy Stalker: A Billionaire Romance Plot Outline

Wealthy Stalker: A Billionaire Romance Plot Outline

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Forget staring at a blank page and craft a billionaire romance novella with this plot outline. It gives you the plot’s DNA: a bestselling premise, the core conflict, the key players, and even scene stepping stones. Just infuse your magic, name your cast, and take the reins to write your epic.

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This plot outline brings the benefits of a structured approach to storytelling, based on the bestsellers in billionaire romance. Before you add your magic touch to the story, discover a tantalizing glimpse into what lies ahead.

In the enchanting world of desire and destiny, a billionaire lays eyes on an underprivileged heroine despite the chasm of years between them. They agree to an employment relationship. Yet, as the billionaire’s ardor evolves into an uncontrollable force, the balance of their connection teeters on the brink of chaos.
Scene 1

He feels his entire world flippling at the sight of her.

Protagonist: Antoine Ritchey.

Intention: To return to his luxurious property and call it a night.

Complications: Antoine is stuck in a stream of heavy traffic, yearning for the fulfillment of an emotional need. The memories of his stressful day remain a dark cloud over his head. His attention starts to wander until Nina catches his eye. He becomes paralyzed by her sex appeal.

Outcome: As Antoine’s gaze tracks her every move, the cars behind him honk their horns for him to move. The stirring of attraction is louder than the noise, though. He becomes intrigued by Nina, memorizes her workplace’s location, and decides to hire someone to find out more about her.

Scene 2

Little does she know that her dreams are about to come true.

Protagonist: Nina Chesley.

Intention: To do her demeaning job.

Complications: She dreams of a better future but casts her mind back to her difficult past. Her demanding and unpleasant boss makes her workplace a living hell. For lack of a better choice, she has to face the reality of her current living and working conditions.

Outcome: Nina successfully completes her tasks, but she continues to yearn for a better life. The hope of getting a new job opportunity looms large in her thoughts. Like a sign from the universe, she notices the gorgeous Antoine has been eying her up from afar. He disappears as fast as a spark of attraction ignites within her.

This is the end of the sample, but the plot outline includes more resources for your billionaire romance novella:

  • A useful synopsis
  • Three customizable characters
  • A well-structured plot
  • Nineteen scene breakdowns
  • Helpful examples and ideas

Buy this plot outline now and start crafting a tale where passion and luxury collide.

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